The work on twisted-bilayer magic-angle graphene Josephson junctions recently uploaded to the preprint server arXiv ( has been featured as a breakthrough towards a new era of materials science in AAAS Science news. Read more at:… Read More

The Quantum e-leaps team has published tree new manuscripts, within three weeks, in the journal Physical Review B. A paper by Antonov et al. describes the detailed characterization of a novel type of ‘twin’ flux qubit developed within the e-leaps project. In this qubit phase slips occur on the central junction, when flux is tunneling… Read More

The first results to be published as a result of the collaborative effort enabled by quantum e-leaps project is now available in the open access journal Nanomaterials. The work by Mykkänen et al. reports on a new method to locally control the resistivity and critical temperature of nanowires post fabrication. By the use of Focused… Read More

The project kick-off meeting was successfully held in Espoo, Finland at the coordinating organisation VTT on January 23-24, 2020. During the two days the members saw some excellent scientific updates and a large number of discussions and interactions, setting off the project for an excellent start.… Read More